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        In 2021, the foreign trade business of 3N company is going to be a new starting point. Our company will move into a new factory in this year, and the company's production capacity will be greatly improved. After successful listing, 3N will diversify its business internationally to support sustainable growth, expand its overseas business actively and take advantages of its strength in the domestic EOE market to explore overseas opportunity and open up a new market.

        Driven by these factors, 3N set up the Foreign Trade Division. Although the foreign trade for 3N is a new and unfamiliar territory and this year is a new beginning for 3N Foreign Trade Division, 3N have the courage to accept the challenge. The new goal of 3N company's foreign trade is to build its foreign trade business into an important growth engine to push 3N company forward and we will strive forward for excellence on the foreign trade road.

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